The Carports Brisbane Guide

Your Guide to Building Carports in Brisbane

Carports Brisbane Guide

When it comes to protecting your car from harsh weather in Brisbane, nothing compares to installing a carport.

In Brisbane, reliable shelter is of utmost importance due to sudden changes in the climate. Sweltering heat and tropical storms are common experiences in South East Queensland. This puts vehicles and other belongings at risk of damage. A carport serves as a protective roof over your car. It keeps it safe from the elements. It can also keep your family safe when you’re dealing with severe weather conditions.

All in all, whether you choose a DIY kit or custom plan, building carports Brisbane is a great choice for homeowners.

So What Is A Carport?

Now that you know the benefits of having a carport, let’s go over what a carport is and why it’s so popular here in Brisbane.

A carport is an outdoor structure that provides protection from the elements for cars and other vehicles. While everyone knows what a garage looks like, not many people are familiar with the different types of carports available on the market today.

Carports come in many shapes and sizes. There are single vehicle designs through to larger onces for two or more cars. There’s also full-enclosed styles as well as open-air models you can choose from.

Carport Costs, permits and Inclusions

Making the Right Choice For Your Needs

When comparing a traditional garage to any type of carport, you’ll quickly notice there are several advantages to choosing a carport over a garage. They require less time to build (and cost less). Also, they don’t need major permits or inspections before construction begins. However, one downside is that since these types of shelters cannot be completely sealed off for security measures. Making them ideal for residential but not all commercial purposes where security might be an issue. Luckily there are plenty of after market security and storage options for carports. Ultimately, if you’re looking reasons to install a carport in Brisbane, then then investing in a custom built one is a great idea.

Sizes of Carports in Brisbane

When it comes to carports, the size that’s right for you will depend on your needs and preferences. If you just want to park one car, a single or open style small model should do. For two cars or to fit other belongings, like boats or recreational vehicles, a double  size carport would suit. Or a full-enclosed style large carport might be more suitable. Your local supplier can help you choose the right size and design for before getting started on construction. They can also help with any additional customisations needed.

Carport Roofing Options

Carport Material Options

The type of materials used in constructing your carport will depend on the weather conditions, your budget and specific needs. When making your selection we recommend to always try and use quality products with warranties to protect yourself in the future.

Carport Roofing

When it comes to choosing a roof for your carport, metal is your best bet thanks to its durability against weather damage. There are a number of metal carport roof options available on the market here in Australia. These include Bluescope Steel brands like zincalume, colorbond and powder-coated steel are all popular choices that provide reliable protection from the elements.


The posts used in carport construction play an important role when it comes to stability. Wooden posts are the most common option. This is due to their ability to withstand extreme temperatures and moisture levels without warping or cracking. Pine, kwila and cypress untreated pine wood can be advisable as they offer lasting flexibility. However, treated pine wood which is suitably kiln dried may also be used depending on what’s available in your area.


Your carport foundation will depend greatly on the soil or surface that you have chosen for its placement. For areas with loose soil such as sandy beaches or grassy hillsides, a concrete slab or prefabricated formwork may be advisable. Whereas brickwork foundations laid on top of concrete bedding is suitable for level ground surfaces. Ultimately, it’s important to have any potential project foundations inspected by a qualified building professional. Always do this prior to construction for optimal safety conditions.

Carport Design Options

A carport can be designed to fit any aesthetic you prefer. There are several popular designs available on the market today. Let’s take a look at the different options so you can find one that best complements your home:

Hip Roof Carports

The hip roof design is recognized for its elegant, curved shape which offers good water runoff. This style is more durable than a flat roof option and it looks great in any backyard setting.

Flat Roof Carports

If a lower profile carport style suits your needs better. A flat roof carport or skillion-style roof design may be preferable. This simple, budget-friendly choice helps provide extra outdoor space should you choose to use it as an entertainment area. Which is why it’s become so popular among homeowners in Brisbane. However, due to their low-profile stature and minimal slope, these styles don’t offer strong protection against wind or rain.

Dutch Gable Roof Carports

The dutch gable style carport has been rapidly gaining popularity here in Australia. Thanks to its stylish details including symmetrical designs of both the walls and roofing sections. The high ridge lines of this type offers decent water runoff qualities. Whilst also providing renowned wind resistance compared to other styles.

Carport Kits

If you want something easy and convenient, many local suppliers offer pre-assembled carport kits. They come ready toi install with everything you need for completion. From plans and instructions through to all required materials (e.g framing, sheets etc.). Once assembled all that’s needed are fastenings such as screws or bolts depending on material used. This should be looked into depending the product chosen. Keep in mind you will also need to pay a foundation prior installing a carport kit. The benefit of using these type of kits includes being able to complete the project easily and quickly.

Carport Kits Versus Custom Design

When it comes to deciding which carport is the best for you, there are two main choices. Carport kits or a custom design. DIY carport kits are great for those with limited budgets who don’t have time to wait for professional help. There are also many popular designs these days. They come with all necessary materials and instructions required to complete the project in a relatively short period of time. However, if you want something more personalised to your specific needs then opting for custom design carport may be more suitable. This allows for greater flexibility with size adjustments and materials you want.

The Carport Construction Process

The carport building process is relatively straightforward but there are a few key steps that need to be taken in order to complete it properly. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Choose a Site & Design

Select where you want the carport placed and then decide on your preferred type, size and style of design; such as hip roofed or dutch gabled types.

2. Get Council Approval

Check with your local council regarding permits/approvals needed before beginning work – this can vary from location to location, so it’s best to consult your local council and review any applicable regulations prior to starting construction.

3. Choose Foundations & Materials

Decide on the required foundations and materials for your desired build. Often different combinations like concrete slabs vs brickwork or zincalume vs colorbond come into play here. Get expert advice on these matters if unsure too and always use quality materials.

4. Form The Foundation & Install Posts

During this stage the position markers are set up and according to plans. Then either a concrete slab needs forming (if one is required) or else preparatory works done ahead of installing posts across which the roofing will attach against later.

5. Add Roofing Material & Finishing Touches

Once the basic frame is ready, install roofing panels according its specification. You’ll also need to consider whether guttering will be required if rain protection is desired. Along with other possible items such as side sails, can be implemented at this stage too. It all depsnds on the type of carport you chose.

Finally check all fixtures before gazing admire-ably at your completed carport. (and perhaps donning safety glasses for precaution!).

Custom Carport Builders

Council Approvals for Building Carports in Brisbane

All buildings classified as “Carports” require approval prior to construction. This approval being obtained through the Brisbane City Council before works commence. When applying you must provide documents such as drawings of the proposed carport (dimensions and elevations). Plus site plans that show its location relative to boundaries and other buildings onsite etc. Can you do the process yourself but keep in mind it takes time. We would advise to seek advice on council approval by a licensed builder.

Alternatively, you can talk directly to your local council experts by phone or email for any additional information you may need regarding regulations about building a carport in your area of Brisbane.

Carport Costs

Carports come in different shapes and sizes, each with its own price range. Let’s look at how much does a carport cost so you have an idea of what to spend.

Carport Kits

Their DIY nature means these premade packs generally vary from around $500 to $3000 depending on size and materials.

Single Carport

A single car carport usually starts around the $2,800 to $3,000 mark (depending on style). Larger custom-built designs can go up to around $7,000 or more if additional structural work is required (e.g foundations).

Double Carport

If you need something large enough for two cars. Or if you need more recreational space to store motorbikes, boats and trailers, then you should expect prices to be in the range of between $5,000 and upwards. This depends again on the design you choose. Plus whether it needs any additional preparation works such as footings and concrete foundations.

Multi Car Carport

Multiple-car structures are more expensive and normally require reinforced base foundation due to increased weight loads. Expect an average around the vicinity of up to say 10k+ for double, triple or even quadruple. Prices are all dependent on materials chosen, area sizes etc.. Keep in mind this amount can increase drastically when dealing with larger multi car designs that may need extra wind bracing too.

For those who want something unique, customised designs often come at a premium with prices. They can range between 20k upwards, depending on your individual needs and specifications.

Multi Car Carport for 3 Vehicles

How To Find a Good Carport Builder in Brisbane

In order to find a reputable carport builder in Brisbane area you will need do some research. Here are some tips which may help make your search easier:

1. Ask people you know who have recently built one.

They may have a recommendation or feedback about their experiences with certain companies they have worked with before.

2. Check out online reviews carefully.

Be careful of sites like Service seeking where anyone can list services offered. Essentially offering no assurance of quality control practices been followed. As of 2023 there are reports of fake builders requesting quotes from customers and running away with their money. Thus always be aware of what reviews mention and who you are dealing with. Ask to see their licenses and accreditation is dealing with third party quoting systems.

3. Contact local building associations

Pick up their trade directory for local suppliers within your area.  These will include contact information for approved builders. They must adhere to stringent codes & regulations prior becoming member dependent. You can also do a license search on the QBCC website ensuring companies have valid licenses.

By following these steps it should ensure finding a qualified builder you can trust. One who offers expert advice & delivers quality workmanship results for each project!

Locations in Brisbane

If you’re looking for a carport builder in Brisbane, there are a few things to keep in mind.

‘Firstly, being the capital of Queensland and a major city, Brisbane is spread out over many different suburban locations.

If you live on the Brisbane northside, try searching for local companies with good reviews that service areas such as Chermside, Sandgate, Wynnum, Manly, Redcliffe Peninsula and Caboolture and even as far as the Sunshine Coast.

If you’re located Brisbane Southside, then suppliers servicing areas such as Sunnybank Hills, Sunnybank and Beenleigh will be more suitable.

But remember to shop around and compare quotes first.


You can see why investing in a carport in Brisbane is worth the money. They provide a low maintenance (and often lower cost) shelter solution at any location.

Plus there’s so many great design options available today. They can fit virtually any aesthetic or budget preference. Making them perfect if you’re looking for classic outdoor style combined with lasting protection at an affordable price point.

So what are you waiting for? There’s no time like the present to start choosing the best design for your needs.

Contact us today for free advice. Or you can phone us direct to get a free quote. Plus some good old fashioned customer service.

We hope you enjoyed our Guide to Brisbane Carports and look forward to hearing from you soon.