Carport or Garage -Which is Right For You?

Things to Consider When Choosing Between Carports and Garages

If you’re wondering whether to build a carport or garage on your property, there are key factors to consider before making this big choice.

Both structures provide covered parking and extra living spaces, but they differ when it comes to cost, security, storage, and aesthetics.

In this guide, No1 Carports Brisbane covers all the key differences, including protection from the weather and construction requirements.

Key Takeaways

  • Carports are more affordable structures and provide basic safety, while garages offer more security and storage space.
  • Consider factors like money, weather, security, parking needs, and appearance when choosing between a carport design or a garage.
  • Garages are structures that require more time and money to build but provide complete protection from theft and weather.
  • Carports are quick, easy-to-set-up additions that take up less space but only shelter from above.
  • Focus on your needs and building design to decide which option best suits your property.

Important Factors When Deciding Between a Carport or Garage

Number of Cars

How many cars, boats, RVs, or other items do you need to protect? Garages offer more parking space because of its area.


If theft and vandalism are concerns in your area, the security of a lockable garage is hard to overlook. For low-risk areas, open carports pose less of an issue.


Garages cost significantly more than carports. While you’ll gain benefits from the extra investment, carports provide a cheap alternative if funds are limited.


Do you live in a hot, sunny climate or an area with regular snow, heavy rain, and extreme weather? If so, fully enclosed garage structures may be worth the investment to safeguard your cars.

Home Design

Does your property have room for a full garage, or would a carport fit better in a small space? What design and materials best complement your building’s existing architecture and landscaping?

Future Plans

If you may use the space for hobbies, storage, or even renovations to living space later on, garages offer more potential.

Carport and Garage Options to Consider


  • Single, double or triple bay appearance
  • Detached garage or attached to house
  • Roller, tilt, or sectional garage doors
  • Locked garage and storage spaces
  • Insulation, tools, equipment, ventilation, power points
  • Access to interior house doors
  • Customise with windows, alarms, lock-up storage


  • Gabled or flat roof styles
  • Timber, steel, or aluminum construction
  • Customise with gates, lighting, power points
  • Lean-to design against exterior walls
  • Attached to the house or free-standing
  • Single or double-width configurations
  • Various roofing materials – metal, polycarbonate, timber

5 Tips for Choosing Between a Carport or Garage

1. Consider your climate

Garages are better for extreme weather protection.

2. Analyse your parking needs

Carports work for 1 vehicle. Garages enable more capacity.

3. Check security

Garages provide locked storage and privacy. Add gates and lights to carports.

4. Match your building and design

Choose materials and styles that complement your existing architecture.

5. Know your budget

Carports are cheaper. Garages offer valuable security/protection features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I convert a carport to a garage later on?

Yes, many carports can be enclosed with walls and doors to create a garage over time if desired.

Which option has lower maintenance?

Carports generally require less ongoing maintenance without complete roofing and walls.

Are carports cheaper than garages?

Yes, carports can be installed for around half the cost or less compared to typical garages.


Choosing between a carport or a garage is an important decision to make.

It can impact your home’s functionality, security from thieve, resale potential, and budget.

Consider the climate protection, council approval, parking capacity, security, and costs that each option provides.

This is the addition that maximises benefits and value for your lifestyle and budget long-term.