Carport Designs in Australia

Guide to Choosing The Right Carport Colours

Carports represent a good option to offer your car some extra protection against the elements. If you don’t have a garage, a carport can also be a better alternative to building a whole annex to the home. If you are looking to add a carport to your home, here are some design ideas that you may use.

Construction Styles to Consider

Carports come in different styles, depending on the design of the home as well as your preferences. Here are the most common options used in Australia:

Modern Carport Style

Choosing a modern style carport is a common choice for homeowners that want a classy carport with a modern touch but don’t want to clutter their driveway too much. Modern carports come in various finishes and colour combinations, with a flat roof and a sleek design.

Most of the time, modern carports mix a matte finish with a glossy one and often feature a very simple structure. Neutral colours are most common, but they may also be found in bold colours.

Rustic Carport Style

As the name suggests, rustic carports feature elements that you most often would find in a remote area of the countryside rather than in the city. Common elements are sloped roofs, grand pillars, wide footprints, and ambient lighting.

Exposed wood is very common here, but it can also include raw stone to give off a more modern rustic vibe. A rustic carport can have a feeling of grandeur, depending on the materials used, along with the size.

Contemporary Carport Style

Contemporary carports feature simple designs, sleek lines, and a subtle kind of elegance. These carports are not meant to stand out, but they make you look like a classy owner. A contemporary carport will have minimal décor and neutral colours.

You can try something with a high ceiling, straight lines, and surfaces that are bare of specific designs. Earthly colours on the panels will add warmth to this look.

Classic Carport Style

Classic carports are often made from a wood frame and a roof created from metal sheets. They represent an affordable choice, especially among those who want to take on a DIY project. They can be detached, or attached to your home, depending on how you construct them.

Classic carports often have an industrial look that is rugged around the edges, but it’s a good option to keep your car safe from the elements.

Mediterranean Carport Style

The Mediterranean style is simple, yet with an elegance that you will love. Most of the time, these garages were made to compliment a home in the same style. Mediterranean carports are often airy and earthly, with an open design that protects your car while giving the impression of space. It is the perfect design for a small driveway.

Detached Carport Style

Detached carports represent the best choice when you have a bigger yard or if you have multiple cars. For instance, if you already have a garage that only fits one car, you can use a detached carport for the other car.

These carports can be installed in a space that is otherwise unused and can also double as lounging shelters when it is too sunny or raining. To tie everything together, you may want to match the construction materials, especially if you are building a garage nearby.

Popular Construction Materials

Carports can be made from a variety of materials, whether they are used for the pillars, the roofing, or the other parts. Common materials may include:


Timber is a great choice if you want to achieve a more rusting, earth-bound style. Plus, when treated correctly, timber carports can be very durable. If you have a timber house, then a timber carport may be the appropriate choice here, as you may match the styles. Pressure-treated timber is also very common lately, due to its sturdiness and durability.


Materials like plastic are very common when it comes to carports, due to its availability, its low price, and overall durability. Plastic is also very easy to clean, making it a good choice if you are looking for something low maintenance.

Common materials are acrylic, composites, polycarbonate, polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride. The advantage of these materials is that they can also be purchased in different colours, allowing you more freedom when it comes to the overall design.


Metal is often used when the homeowner is on a budget, as it is cheaper than wood. At the same time, it is more durable. As long as it receives the appropriate rust protection, a good metal carport can last for years. Unlike wood which absorbs water, metal will not fall into this predicament, and you will be able to enjoy your carport for a longer time.


While aluminium is slightly more expensive in comparison to other materials, it is also considered the most stylish option out of all. Aluminium materials can be picked out in different colours to fit your property, and they are also more malleable compared to ordinary metal or other materials.

This gives you endless alternatives to come up with a design that you like, especially if you order it pre-made. Moreover, aluminium is very lightweight, so if you are planning a DIY carport project, this material can help speed up the process.

Using Mixed Materials

Depending on the homeowner’s preferences, a carport can be made from a mix of materials. For instance, some may prefer a carport with a wooden frame and a metallic roof. Other people may want a metallic frame with an aluminium roof. The choice is ultimately up to you and the style that you have in mind.

The Bottom Line

Carports can very handy, so whether you try to build one yourself or hire someone else to do it, you will need to pick out the right style. Make sure that it matches your home and your budget, but that it also uses materials that are durable and sturdy enough. A good construction can last through generations.